The Bob Boyd Sounds Like Requests CD

The Bob Boyd Sounds often receive requests to play someone's favorite song. We love requests because, frankly, they always help us to know which tunes you like best. Our repertoire is quite vast and sometimes we forget about a song if we are not asked to play it. Many times, after a gig, we reflect and wish we could have played one song or another. It's the old adage of 'too many good tunes and not enough time to play them all.' So here is a collection of some great songs that we are often requested to play. Our request is that you listen and enjoy.


The Bob Boyd Sounds 


Reprinted by permission from Nightflying Magazine

                          The Bob Boyd Sounds LIKE REQUESTS
                               Deba aka Doug Treadway

                          (Note: Bob Boyd Sounds will be the featured act at Acoustic Sounds Cafe »
                      on Friday night, November 25th, 2005. The Leslie MacLean Trio will open for them.)

Bob Boyd needs no introduction, not to people who read this rag or who ever patronized Boyd Music over on 12th St. He's been writing a column for Nightflying for a long time, about as long as I've been associated with it. What you might not know, unless you've heard him play, is what an accomplished musician he is. I've had the good fortune to catch him in various configurations over the years, but I do believe he has achieved the ultimate sound now, with Pat Henry, David Higginbotham, and Randy McDonald as bandmates. These guys all have extensive musical backgrounds and they all can swing and even sing. Just listen to their take on an old Four Freshman fave "It's A Blue World" and you will see what I mean. This album is loaded with great tunes, some instrumentals, some solo vocals, and quartet arrangements, as I mentioned. Pat does a marvelous riff on Louis Armstrong's vocal style on "Someday You'll Be Sorry" and Randy gets off a great rendition of "Fly Me To The Moon" and Bob channels Tony Bennett on "I've Got The World On A String" and David does a little take on ol' Blue Eyes with "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "I'm runnin" out of breath here. I just can't find enough superlatives to lay on these guys for this album, which Randy produced. If you like old standards, you'll go for this band, big time. If you don't like old standards, what's wrong with you anyway? I know there's a lot of flash out there, but for real entertainment, you just can't beat a bunch of cats who actually know how to play their instruments and can take a lead or harmonize and swing it, daddy. These cats are living proof that music has charms to keep you young. Mark your calendar for Friday the 25th of November if you like really good music. I guarantee you a most mellow show.



We would like to offer our thanks:

To God, for giving us the gifts we use here for His glory and honor.

To everyone who has told us they enjoy our music. You have always encouraged us by your kind words and your presence at our performances. Our goal is to be ambassadors of good music, and we appreciate each of you so very much.

To our wives, for their love and support.

To Randy McDonald. Without his many hours of creative genius and his always welcome suggestions, this project would not have been possible.

The Bob Boyd Sounds are 4 musicians who sing. Each of these 4 guys is a featured vocalist on at least one of this album’s 15 most-requested standards. The 4-part vocal harmonies you hear are not trick recording or multi-tracking. And all the instruments are being played by these same 4 guys. What you hear here is what you see and hear in person.

Bob, David and Randy worked as a trio since 1991. Pat Henry, an old friend and occasional member, joined them about 1997, and they became The Bob Boyd Sounds, adding 4 part vocal arrangements, some written by Bob Boyd ( but some of them just “happened.”)

Bob Boyd, piano and vocal stylist, was owner/manager of Boyd Music Center for 38 years. He also plays guitar, accordion, banjo and bass. He has been a musical entertainer for almost 50 years, but never has enjoyed playing as much as with “The Sounds.”

Pat Henry is a church Music Director, piano tuner/technician, bandleader and teacher. He plays trumpet, trombone and flute on this project, but he sometimes plays piano and even guitar on the band. Pat has recorded albums playing all instruments himself.

David Higginbotham, a public school music teacher and songwriter, plays upright and electric bass and guitar and sings the lead vocals. David’s creativity has played a major part in this project.

Randy McDonald plays drums and all percussion instruments on this album. Randy also plays piano and bass, and was the creative engineer on this and all our recording projects.

The Bob Boyd Sounds keep a busy calendar of concerts, wedding receptions, anniversary and birthday parties and other private functions. Visit their website at For open dates and rates call:


Bob Boyd 501-225-4894 or 501-626-9862 (cell)

David Higginbotham 501-412-0098

Randy McDonald 501-888-7510

Pat Henry 501-834-0945


You may listen to a sound clip of any of the songs by clicking "Here."This will take you to a page on the CDBaby site where the clips are available. From there just click the little > to the left of any song title. To get back to this site use the Back Button on your Web Browser.


 List of Songs on the “Sounds Like Requests” CD

1. "Candy" Made famous by the Four Freshmen, this song features a lively and provocative Latin beat.

2. "I’ve Got You Under My Skin" This great old Cole Porter standard features David Higginbotham on the vocal, in a swing interpretation similar to the famous Nelson Riddle-Frank Sinatra version.

3. "Honeysuckle Rose" Pat Henry loves to tell how Fats Waller wrote this tune for $15 worth of beer!

4. "It’s A Blue World" This tune has become the trademark of the famous 4 Freshmen. We love their music and work to be more like them.

5. "Fly Me To The Moon" Randy McDonald gives his interpretation of this 1954 song, originally recorded as “In Other Words” (in waltz time!)

6. "Memories of You" Also made famous by the sweet clarinet of Benny Goodman, here is Pat Henry’s silky smooth trumpet rendition.

7. "S’Wonderful"Written by the Gershwins in their early years, this tune is a celebration of joy.

8. "I’ve Got The World On A String" This swingy tune, sung by leader/pianist Bob Boyd, is reminiscent of the Sinatra version.

9. "Samba De Orfeu" In this festive tune from the movie “Black Orpheus,” the Sounds take you to Rio for Carnival!

10. "Moonglow"Revived in the 50s in the movie “Picnic,” the Sounds turn this old standard request into a lovely 4-part vocal.

11. "Someday You’ll Be Sorry" This tune, actually written by Louis Armstrong, features Pat Henry’s gravelly impression of the legendary “Satchmo.”

12. "Stompin’ At The Savoy" This big band standard gives the Sounds the opportunity to show how, with only 4 members, they can produce a “big band” sound.

13. "Where or When" Written for the Broadway show “Babes In Arms,” the Sounds take the tempo ‘way up and belt it out as a 4-part vocal.

14. "Watch What Happens" This newer “standard” tune in 4-part vocal featuring David Higginbotham, is a perfect compliment to a wedding reception.

15. "Avalon"The famous Benny Goodman Quartet recorded this tune in 1938 at a frantic tempo and we take it up another notch. Dance at your own risk!



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